Why The Prison Workout? Because It Works!

7.31.14 Prisoner Hands

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Push ups, chin ups, sit ups, dips, and squats have been around forever and are the cornerstone of any good exercise program. Why? Because they work. They worked hundreds of years ago, they work now, and they will work in the future. You think gladiators did reverse dumbbell preacher curls and then jumped onto their $1500 exercise machines to do a quick set of reverse pectoral flies?

According to action movies, inmates are jacked. But you can’t really fit a Nautilus in your 10 x 12 cell…so prisoners have to resort to bodyweight exercises. There are fantastic upper body exercises, lower body exercises, and full body exercises that don’t require you to a gym. And, since you don’t live in a prison (right?), you have access to Amazon. Advancements in fitness have made bodyweight exercises more thorough and involved than ever. The perfect push up, iron gym workout bar, and ab carver pro are just a few tools you have at your disposal if you want to spice up your workout. You can even buy an adjustable weighted vest to make your exercises harder.

So why are bodyweight exercises so damn good? For a few reasons:

  • You don’t need a lot of space
  • You don’t need a lot of equipment
  • It’s functional and practical
  • Less chance of hurting yourself
  • And most importantly, it’s badass to say you got ripped without ever joining a gym

With bodyweight exercises, working out is easy and convenient. Running, push ups and shadow boxing are free – you can do them anywhere anytime. You don’t need to join a gym to run and pay a membership. Nice day outside? Go for a swim in the lake. Snowing outside? Even better – run a few miles in the snow to really burn some calories!

And the best part is that most bodyweight exercises require full range of motion and hit multiple muscle groups at once. Bodyweight prison workout exercises are designed to be functional and effective. These compound movements will not only get you looking like you can hold your own in any bar fight, but your muscles will actually be strong. It’s not all for show. You can replace pretty replace much any regular machine driven gym exercise with a bodyweight exercise. For example:

  • Bench press –> push ups
  • Military press —> wide stance push ups
  • Leg press –> squat
  • Leg curl –> squat
  • Bicep curl –> pull ups
  • Lat pull down –> pull ups
  • Any other exercise you can think of –> burpee

Don’t want to do it alone? Need someone to yell at you? There are tons of pre recorded bodyweight exercise programs, workouts, and routines that you can do at home right in front of your TV without ever joining a gym. From p90x to insanity, these are high intensity, sweat inducing, kickass workouts that will make any tough guy regret messing with you.

So put on your favorite Rocky movie soundtrack and let’s get started.

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