Upper Body Exercises

Want to buy extra large t-shirts because your arms are too big? Want to look like you can rip someone’s head off with your bear hands? Then work your chest, back, shoulders, and arms with these upper body exercises.

Push ups – the push up is one of the most versatile exercises you can do for your upper body. It hits triceps, shoulders, chest, and abs. If you want to make them even harder, try using a weighted vest.

Bodyweight Push Ups

Push up variations:

  • Diamond
  • Wide grip
  • Narrow grip
  • Spiderman
  • Clap
  • One hand over the other
  • On your knuckles
  • With one of your legs raised
  • One handed

Want to go even more extreme? Check out the perfect push up

Pull ups/chin ups – pull ups are done with an overhand grip, while chin ups are done with underhand. Both of these exercises hit biceps, shoulders, back, and abs. Literally all you need in a bar – check out the iron gym workout bar which offers more variation in grips and muscle targeting.

Bodyweight Chin Ups

Chin up variations:

  • Wide grip
  • Narrow grip
  • Parallel grip
  • One hand over one hand under
  • One handed

Once again, if you want to make them even harder…weighted vest. Or, if you really want to annihilate your body, raise your legs 90 degrees to hit your abs.

Bodyweight Chin Ups Legs Raised

Dips – an incredible way to work your triceps, dips are among some of the most popular upper bodyweight exercises. Your triceps make up roughly 2/3 of your arms, so make sure to include dips as part of your workout. You can do them on a chair/ledge/stair, or even on the iron gym workout bar.

Dip variations:

  • Wrists facing in, out or to the sides
  • Both legs resting on a chair in front of you
  • One leg raised
  • One leg raised