Lower Body Exercises

Never skip leg day. Not only because you’ll look silly, but also because your lower body houses some of your biggest muscles. They grow, you grow. Check out these lower body exercises which are as important as your upper body exercises:

Squat – if you only do one leg exercise ever, do the squat. Your quads are a huge part of your body and cannot be ignored.

Squat variations

  • Arms up
  • Amrs in front
  • Arms at sides
  • Prisoner squat
  • One leg on a bench behind you
  • Against a wall with an exercise ball

Feeling badass? One legged squats – the pistol

Box jumps – exactly what they sound like. Jump up on the box. Jump down from the box. Repeat. This an explosive lower body exercise that is deceivingly difficult. No need for any brand name equipment – find a few elevated flat surfaces around the house or outside that are different heights and start jumping.

Lower Body Exercises Box Jumps

Calf raises – your calves are like the biceps of your lower body. They’re what you show off when you’re wearing shorts. You want those to look good.

Not as many variations here, but try some of these

  • Standing straight
  • Leaning forward with elbows against the wall
  • Seated calf raises (best with a weight on your lap)
  • One legged

Not hard enough? Stand on a stair with your heels hanging off to get fuller range of motion. Still not hard enough? Use a weighted vest.